Muziekkamer Assen

Make a new version of our website, so that we attract younger people to come to our concerts.


The first step was to create a persona, together with the client. After this, we had a look at the current website and wrote down all the different aspects on post-its. When we finished this, we sorted all the post-its into categories. We named the categories, and these became the different pages of the site.


After the categorisation was clear, I made it into a sitemap, so that it was clear for the client and the designer what the structure of the website would become.


The next step was to make a sketch for the visual designer, so that he had some inspiration, since he was not used to designing websites.


The designer created the designs of the new website. Together we made some changes to the first design. Most of these modifications were because I had to stick to a theme, because of the limited budget.

  • The circle of the logo should be placed within the grid of the website.
  • There should be less white space around the website, the full width of the screen should be used.
  • The design of the thumbs on the home page, and the sidebar are different, since this was the default of the theme and it gave more colour to the website.

After filling in the first content and editing the theme, I stayed in constant contact with the client and the designer. This way I made sure that the client and the designer were happy with the result. Are you curious to see the result? Check it out at