Flip van Dyke, researcher in asylum and migration data, wanted a new concept that shows people that there is always a flip side to the data shown in the media.

FlipIt is a school project that we did for Flip van Dyke and KRO/NCRV during the subject 'informotion'.

First step

After generating several ideas, we, together with Flip van Dyke decided to go for a fact-checking tool. The user has to fill in several questions based on news headlights, after which is told whether the question is answered right or wrong. The user is actively involved, and therefore the information is more likely to hit the user. Flip would be the character guiding the user through the tool.


It was time to make a first paper prototype, and see if it was clear for users what the tool was and what it did.

User test

The target group of the tool are the customers of KRO/NCRV. This means: catholics and protestant christian communities, which are critical people.

The testers were very positive about the project, though there were a few things to improve. The text on the first page was not in sync with the rest of the tool. It was not clear what their relation was. Also, there were some words that they would prefer to change.

Design test

After the first design, we did a small A/B test to make sure we chose the design that best fit the user. The user preferred one colour in different shades over all different colours.

Final design

The last step was to make a prototype from the final designs. Please click the image or title to check the visual itinerary from this tool.