Create an app that visualises the status of BDD-patients to prevent them from having a relapse


Before starting with a brainstorm, we first had to do some research. We had a look at

  • what is BDD?
  • market research (what other similar apps are there)
  • visual research (fonts, colours, etc.)
  • user research (what does the user want/need, who is the user, etc.)


A persona was created to have a clear idea of the user..


First of all, we had to think of ways to show patients how well contained the BDD is. An important point to keep in mind however, is that a small negative trigger, can already upset the patient. So the challenge was to visualise the progress of the patient in a positive way.
Our final idea was to show the progress of the patient in a plant. The bigger the plant was, the better the patient is doing. Also, we decided to add a buddy system. The patient could add his friends as buddies, and so they could see how the patient is doing. We had a long discussion about whether these buddies should be other BDD-patients that they know, or their 'regular' friends and families. Our final decision was to have BDD-patients as buddies. But only the ones that you accept as buddies. Other patients know what their buddy is going through, and can help him out. We were afraid family and friends would either be worried too soon, or maybe give the wrong feedback so that the patient is less motivated to solve his problem.


To have a clear idea about how the app should work, a conceptmodel was created. Through this, we had a clear overview of how different steps were connected.


The next step was to make the first sketches of how the app was going to look.


After agreeing on the sketches, different designs were made, based on the design research. This lead to the final design, the most right one.