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evaverheugt Mar 22, 2016 Edinburgh

Hi there!

Time for another update from Edinburgh! Time flies by so fast it’s hard to keep you all updated..

But some Dutch tourists are actually the ones to blame. My parents came here last Wednesday to visit me for a few days. So I picked them up from the airport and went to their apartment with them. There wasn’t much to do near the apartment, so we couldn’t have a drink together. But, the next, after one hour of University for me, we met next to “Eva’s hair”, in a nice coffee place. We had a coffee and discussed what we wanted to do that day and what they wanted to see in Edinburgh. We decided to walk towards the royal mile to have a look around and to maybe go and look at the castle. And so we did, the view was amazing and it was so surprising to see how big the whole castle and the ground surrounding it was. And the best part: the sun came through, so we could enjoy the castle while walking in the sun.

We had dinner together, and when my parents decided to go to their apartment, I decided to check out st. Patrick’s day in Edinburgh. The Irish pubs were very crowded but very lovely, and I had an amazing evening.

On Friday Monique and I climbed Arthur’s seat, from where you’re supposed to have an amazing view. But it was a bit clouded, so there wasn’t really much to see from up there. The rest of the day we walked a bit through the city center and had a look around. Before dinner I had met up with some teachers from my home university, they were here for a conference and they wanted to meet and have a drink. So we talked for a bit and afterwards I had dinner with my parents again.

Our last day together, Monique thought it was necessary to fall over. So she sprained her ankle. So the last day we did much by bus and we sat down and enjoyed the sun mostly. Which wasn’t that bad, I think we were all pretty tired, and what’s better then enjoying the sun? 🙂

It was great to have my parents over, but it was also a bit strange, because they want to take pictures of things I see almost every day.. And when I wanted to explain something to them, I started off in English. But most of all: we had an amazing time together!

I have 2 weeks of easter break at the moment. This Thursday Jasper comes to visit me, so I guess I need to think of a plan to do together with him!

For now: up to the next update!


Edinburgh Castle 3 of us Paul & Monique Edinburgh Castle Prison Edinburgh Castle Sleeping @ Edinburgh Castle Arthur's seat Ocean Terminal

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