evaverheugt Mar 14, 2016 Edinburgh

Hey folks,

Just another update after an amazing week!

Though I had to do some work for university, I did fun stuff mostly. Wednesday I went to the “Paradigm Electronic Art Festival”, which was basically an art exhibition in the basement of a building. In every room were different, mostly responsive art pieces, we were quite impressed by the art.

Friday I went to the stand comedy club, together with a friend from my uni. There were 4 comedians and we laughed our asses off. Saturday was a sporty day: I went to the gym, Sanne had some friends over that are gym experts, so they helped us out with certain exercises. In the afternoon we went to arthur’s seat, a huge hill pretty close to the city center. From here you can get an amazing view over the city. Afterwards we did some groceries, but when were waiting for the bus to arrive, a real Scottish lady talked to us. When she asked where we’re from, and I said the Netherlands, she said: “you talk like a fucking Yankee, an Americano!” haha!

So now, Sunday, which was, even though the rest of the week was great, even better! I went together with Larin, another girl from the house, to Glenfinnan. Glenfinnan is in the highlands, and for those who’ve seen Harry Potter or Skyfall (James Bond), here’s THE famous bridge. But not only the “Harry Potter Bridge” is there, the nature around it is amazing as well. And since it is in the highlands, the way towards Glenfinnan was amazing as well. We made some stops to take some awesome pictures and had lunch in Fort William.

When we arrived Glenfinnan we first took a walk up the viewpoint, where you were able see the Bridge, and the Loch on the other side. Though, this was far from the best view, so we took a walk and went up the hill to get a better view. You just can’t describe how beautiful it was. The pictures do show something, but it’s not as good as it is in real-life. So, just visit it when you’re here! haha!

Now then, some words about my University, I guess that’s the main reason I’m here anyway! I have three courses here: cyber psychology, responsive environments & playful interaction. Most of the courses are very nice, especially cyber psychology, which is pretty much the basics of psychology. I just handed in a coursework for this course in which we looked at the difference between the engagement of people watching on a small screen vs. a bigger screen. Responsive environments also also pretty nice, though I’ve had much of it at my home University as well. During playful interaction we look at adding a play element into media.

Enough about University, some great news: my parents are coming to visit me from Wednesday to Sunday. 😀

Hope you like the pictures I took & up to the next week!


Btw, today I’m already halfway through my time here.. 🙁

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