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evaverheugt Mar 06, 2016 Edinburgh

Hi guys,

So, I’m here for about 9 weeks now, and I promised to give some updates to you through my blog. I’m sorry to say I haven’t done that yet. But the good news: I will try to keep it updated from now on!

Now, let me tell you a bit about the first months,  when I first came here I was together with my dutch friend, Sanne. We live in the same house, which is a pretty big student house. At first we were together mostly and didn’t know many people. We went on a few pubcrawls and met the greatest people there. So we started to take a few trips with them. Then some people at the house added us to a Facebook group and organised a dinner with some people of the house. That’s where I got to meet more people. And I discovered that there were a lot of other international students living here. And almost everybody has the same goal: get to know as many great people as possible, and do great stuff together.

Well, back to now, I just came back from a lovely trip to Stirling with some of the girls of the house. Yesterday I went to a vegan market together with Sanne, though I’m not vegan it was interesting to see and there were some ‘normal’ stands as well. In the night we went to see Josef Salvat, a great artist of whom I’m a huge fan. I brought Patrick, a flatmate and Sanne with me. They became huge fans of him as well.

After these weeks here, I think I can say I’ve falen in love with the country, its nature and its people!

Cheers to all, and till the next update!

ps, sorry it’s in English, but I talk so much English here it’s just easier to write in English than switch back to Dutch..

Here some of the pictures I took today and one of the Stonehaven castle, where I went a few weeks back.

Stonehaven Stirling Stirling Stirling Stirling Stirling


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