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evaverheugt Apr 30, 2016 Edinburgh

Hey folks!

Well, as you guys have noticed, I’m great at keeping my blog updated.. NOT! I guess the most important reason is that I’m busy all the time.. And the last few weeks not only with doing fun stuff (though I still did plenty of that) but also with school work as well.

But I’m happy to say that my exams are over!! Yesterday I had my last exam, the one of cyberpsychology. It was really strange, it’s normal here to have an exam of 5 questions, of which you should answer 3. But the weirdest of all: we got the questions in forehand.. So I just needed to write down what I had prepared at home. So I guess it went good, I remembered what I had prepared haha!

Well, now the fun part; I had the other half of my visitors over, a friend of mine, Thomas, and my cousin Marin. Thomas came 3 weeks ago already, and Marin visited me last weekend. It was so great to have them around! I had a great time with both them! Thomas and I took a hike just outside of the city, which was pretty cool. And furthermore I showed him the city and we had much fun together!

Marin mostly came around to see where I live and what I do, so I showed her a bit of the city, and we had just a very relaxing and fun weekend.

And while I’m writing this and sorting out the pictures, I see so much more passing by; Sanne and I had a lovely sushi night, with home made sushi, and I guess I have done even way more of which I don’t have any pictures.

Lastly, it is all coming close, going home. Last Monday we had a goodbye dinner with some of our German friends, because they left last Tuesday. It was a strange feeling: I was studying like crazy because of my exam, my parents and Jasper were in Denmark, and there are already friends of mine leaving. So I came to realise that I don’t have that much time left either. But I’m definitely going to make the best out of it! I will leave in 20 days, of which 1o days I will be traveling to England. So this is my last weekend in Edinburgh, in 3 weeks I’ll fly back home.. It’s going crazy fast.. So, I’m going to have lunch, go to the gym, and tonight I’ll first go to the Pitt, a food festival, and then to a fire festival at Calton Hill, which is opposite of my house. So a fun weekend it’s going to be!

Well, my next update will probably be when I come back from traveling.. So, cheers and until my next update or I’ll see you in the Netherlands!


Our German friends Me and Marin Me and Marin sitting in the sun Hike with Thomas Hike with Thomas Sushi!

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