My South America adventure

evaverheugt Aug 03, 2018 Eva verheugt

I kept track of my adventures in South America through ‘Polarsteps‘. My journey can be found below.

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One of the last updates

evaverheugt Apr 30, 2016 Edinburgh

Hey folks! Well, as you guys have noticed, I’m great at keeping my blog updated.. NOT! I guess the most important reason is that I’m busy all the time.. And the last few weeks not only with doing fun stuff (though I still did plenty of that) but also with school work as well. But […]

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Time flies..

evaverheugt Apr 05, 2016 Edinburgh

Hey guys, It’s been two weeks since my last update.. Time goes by so fast, it’s unbelievable. Since my parents left, I got a replacement in the form of my brother. He visited me for a couple of days, and we had a great time together! Since we hadn’t spoke in person since he started […]

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Some Dutch tourists..

evaverheugt Mar 22, 2016 Edinburgh

Hi there! Time for another update from Edinburgh! Time flies by so fast it’s hard to keep you all updated.. But some Dutch tourists are actually the ones to blame. My parents came here last Wednesday to visit me for a few days. So I picked them up from the airport and went to their […]

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evaverheugt Mar 14, 2016 Edinburgh

Hey folks, Just another update after an amazing week! Though I had to do some work for university, I did fun stuff mostly. Wednesday I went to the “Paradigm Electronic Art Festival”, which was basically an art exhibition in the basement of a building. In every room were different, mostly responsive art pieces, we were […]

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Almost halfway…

evaverheugt Mar 06, 2016 Edinburgh

Hi guys, So, I’m here for about 9 weeks now, and I promised to give some updates to you through my blog. I’m sorry to say I haven’t done that yet. But the good news: I will try to keep it updated from now on! Now, let me tell you a bit about the first […]

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It’s official!

evaverheugt Dec 06, 2015 Eva verheugt

Het is officieel! Maandag 4 januari vlieg ik naar Schotland waar ik tot ongeveer halverwege mei zal studeren. Ik ga 3 vakken volgen aan Napier University in Edinburgh: cyber psychology, playful interaction en interactive environments. Houd deze blog in de gaten voor meer updates! 😀

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