My work

Philips - uPrep

Search for a solution so that patients experience an MRI-exam as less fearful and more comfortable

As a solution, I created an MRI-preparation app for Philips Design Healthcare. Unfortunately the project is confidential, so I can not tell more about this project here. Do you want to know more about this project? Please give me call at +31628786615 or send me an email at

Muziekkamer - new website

Create a new, more modern website so that we attract a younger group of visitors
The Muziekkamer Assen is a foundation that organises classical concerts in Assen. Their website was a bit outdated and ready for an update, so they asked me to make a new website for them. Read more

Jungle Minds - Conversational User Interface

Create a conversational User Interface (CUI) that adds value to the Jungle Minds website
While I was doing my internship at Jungle Minds, they asked us as interns to do a project together. We needed to create a CUI by combining our four roles (Fronted, Visual, UX and Research).
During this project, I did the user research, I hosted a 3-day sprint, and did user tests. However, I cannot discuss more about this project online, since this project is confidential. Therefore, please give me a call if you'd like to know more at +31628786615 or send me an email at

AMC Amsterdam - BDD app

An app that visualises the status of BDD-patients to prevent them from having a relapse
BDD stands for Body Dysmorphic Disorder, it is a body-image disorder, which causes you to see things on your body that are not there or are hardly visible to others. The Amsterdam Medical Center (AMC) asked the HVA for help to create an app that helps patients visualise their current status to prevent them from having relapses. Read more


Create an interactive tool that shows people the other site of news items.
During our third year at CMD Amsterdam, we got an assignment from KRO/NCRV to create an interactive tool that makes people aware of the other side of the data used in the media. Read more to see how we created FlipIt.

About me

User Experience

It is my passion to make awesome digital products based on a great concept with a high user value.
I've discovered this during my Bachelor of Science in Communication & Multimedia Design and my internships at Occhio, Jungle Minds and Philips Design healthcare.


I love to travel and explore other countries and cultures. That's why I studied in Edinburgh, Scotland during my minor and why I traveled through South America for half a year. It truly inspires me to see how other people live, to talk to others and to explore the nature in different parts of the world.


Exploring the world is great, but exploring the world while making pictures is the best. I love to combine these two passions.


I do not only love drinking coffee, I love making it as well. I had a barista training and now I can even do latte-art. So, let's have some!

Looking for an UX-designer to drink coffee with? Give me a call!